Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spying on you!

Hello, friends. I've missed you! My father-in-law has recently been gifting me his old cameras to add to my collection. I'm so excited! The latest is this Minox spy camera. Remember these from old movies?
They work something like this.  I bet there were plenty of blurry pictures and plenty of fingers in the photos too!
It really is a cool little camera.  It comes with an exposure meter, pictured above right. The camera and exposure meter are each on a metal snake chain and have their own leather case.  Everything is in great shape.
Yup, he has the original owner's manual and some film left. I would love to try to use it but have no idea how we would get the film developed. I may have to do some research on that.

Thank you for stopping by. I've been so busy lately with work and the kids sports schedules. I miss visiting you and miss my studio.  I have projects in the works though.  I'll be back soon! Take care.

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