Friday, November 12, 2010

Featuring Vintage Supply Company

I'm just going to warn you now that this post will cause you to spend excessive time on the computer. I strongly recommend you get yourself a glass of wine or cup of coffee before you begin. Go ahead...I'll wait. La, la, la, la...are you back? Great. I'm ready to share a little secret with you.  You see I have a little place on line that I love for vintage goodies and mixed media supplies. Do you love the beautiful chippy escutcheons above? I do too. They are from my favorite little Etsy store Vintage Supply Company. Want to see more? Wouldn't these look fabulous framed?
  Need skeleton keys at a reasonable price?
 Oh, I'm crazy for the color on these!!
Let me share a few of my own purchases from Vintage Supply with you! 

Brass tags for altered bottles and other art, rusty tins, watch vials and parts, distressed copper wings and brass stencils for making art dolls and assemblages. I found this package of ephemera for sale tonight for $10.  What a great mix for the beginner or experienced crafter -
I love to browse through the shop on Saturday mornings over coffee. There is always something new to see. My head just fills with ideas for art projects and home decor. Not an artist? You will find so many unique items here for your vintage inspired home. There are plenty of items for "instant collections." Think about fillers for apothecary jars, pictures and other ephemera for your flower frogs and plenty of great items for framing. 

The owner of Vintage Supply Company is none other than Jeanette Janson, mixed media artist.  Jeanette is so talented.  I recently purchased this assemblage bird from her -
Isn't it gorgeous? She's hanging in my little studio right now. Recognize the copper wings above? Jeanette has a separate Etsy shop for her artwork which you can find here.  She sells her assemblages (frequently sold out) and mixed media jewelry.  Here's a necklace from an optical lens and another from a typewriter key available right now in the shop -

Her prices are so reasonable for such unique pieces.  I just love her work and can spend hours browsing the supply shop, the artwork shop and her blog!  You thought we were done?! Definitely not! I warned you. This post is like an onion. So many layers and links to explore.  You'll see Jeanette in my blog roll.  On her blog she lets you know about new items in the supply shop from her numerous junking trips and posts photos of her new creations.  You can also explore her left sidebar and see more of her completed artwork like these lovely assemblages

It is so easy to find inspiration through Jeanette's sites.  I hope you will enjoy your visits to her Etsy shops Vintage Supply Company and Jeanette Janson mixed media artist.  I also suggest you take some time to explore her blog. She's an experienced junker like most of you and the photos of how she uses her finds in her artwork are just divine. Just remember when you look at the clock and you are still in your pj's at noon, you were warned!  Thanks for stopping by! I'm off to Great Day in the Country Saturday morning. That is our largest local craft show. I'll be sure to have my camera in hand.  Come back soon my friends. There is a giveaway brewing to celebrate 200 followers! Thank you each so much for your support.  Have a safe weekend!


  1. I'm heading over to her Etsy shop right away! Looks like she has some pretty amazing treasures! Have fun at the craft show tomorrow:)

  2. I'm off to check it out...thanks for the tip :o) Have a great weekend!

  3. Uh oh! I was just going to turn my computer off for the night so I'm headed over first thing in the morning. With a double mocha!

  4. ~**~Thanks so much for sharing with us Vicki!! LOVE your finds~~~*~Hugs,Rachel~*~

  5. Thank you for the information...I'm heading over! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Vicki, I will come back after I feed the youngest, but THANK YOU for the information!!!!

  7. How sweet of you to share this treasure with us!! Thanks so much!

    Take care,


  8. Vicki, your secret's out :) What a great Etsy Shop, and I have been looking for a few items such as she sells, so I'll stop back by when I have more time and make a purchase or two. Your work is just beautiful.

  9. Vicki-
    You are just the best! Thank you so much for featuring my shop. You have been a wonderful customer and it is always a pleasure doing business with you :)
    I really appreciate you recommending my shop and welcome all of your readers with open arms!
    xo Jeanette

  10. Thanks for sharing, Vicki! It'll be fun to go check out her sites!

  11. What great ideas! Thanx for sharing.

  12. Wow lots of yummy goodness!!! I haven't been in her shop in awhile, love that bird assembledge that you have of hers! All of these pieces are so you Vic, can't wait to see what you'll make with them my talented and creative friend!!!!:) ♥

  13. Hi Vicki,
    I just wanted to tell you that I'm having a 3 giveaways on my blog and thought you might want to come look...and if you know anyone who has a baby girl, they might want to come over and tell me if they would like to win the "Baby Girl" tag I just created!!!
    LOVE your post--pure scrumptiousness!

  14. Thanks for the tip. I checked out her etsy site and she has a ton of great items. I won't say which is my favorite or else it won't be there when I go back later tonight :).

  15. Well you did warn me, but I had to look anyway. What a great shop! Thanks for the link!!!!

  16. oooh! oooh!! You got me excited!!!
    Hope it is as affordable as you say, cause i sure need some keys right now for my work.

    trying to catch up visiting after vacation.
    and yes, I am busy with the store as you said.
    will not be able to post as much as i would like cause of my back and busy. phooey!!!!

    off to see what else is new here. love your blog!!! =)

    hugs and blessings

    barbara jean

  17. I can't believe you shared this with all of us, I would have hoarded that place all to myself. ;-)
    Off to shop now!!!


  18. Oooohh!!!! And yet another way to get into trouble and add to my "to do" pile!!! Can't wait to check it all out!!
    Thanks, Vicki!

  19. I came across your blog today. I love your blog and your style and thanks for all of the info! And it's awesome that you're from Oviedo. My husband works for the City of Oviedo Fire Department. He's stationed at Station 48 on the 419. I'm so glad to see your antique store posts. I must check them out!


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