Friday, April 15, 2011

What's this blog all about?

I'm going to join the fun over at Modern Country Style today and link up to the Define your Blog party! I thought it might be fun to do since I have been blessed with so many new followers during giveaway month.
Plain and simple...I created this blog to meet like minded crafty and artistic women who love to hunt for anything vintage. It is all about sharing and inspiring for me. Why the name? Well, "rusty" because I love to collect junk.

Sometimes I decorate with my junk finds and add a little bit of "vintage" flair to our modern home. I love my friends in blog land who have decorating or home decor blogs. Such inspiration for how to use my finds! Like these little treasures...

Sometimes I use my rusty and vintage finds for mixed media art projects too. I draw so much inspiration from my friends and visitors in blogland.  I try to share techniques and tutorials as well as finished projects as often as time will allow.

Some are a bit quirky, some are cherished keepsakes...all made with my favorite treasures, collectibles and ephemera.  So, that leaves us with the "rooster."  Well, our home town has really grown over the past 5-10 years but one thing has not changed...the chickens.  Oviedo is definitely the suburbs. As I say in my profile you truly can get a Barney's coffee on one corner but have to wait for the chickens to cross on the next though.  You see years ago in our quaint downtown area a carton of chicks got loose at the local feed store.  Generations of those chickens have roamed the streets downtown for years. Even as the town grew, the chickens remained. The best part?? They make their home outside of Popeye's Chicken.

LOL! Isn't that great. A chicken crossing sign outside of the Popeye's chicken.  I took a few pics back in November while I was in the drive thru. So, that is what this blog is about....collecting rusty and vintage things for the excitement of the hunt and to use in my artwork or decorating. I love to follow you while you do the same thing! It is about sharing projects and inspiring each other, and it is about my town and my family.  I'm enjoying every minute of it. I'm also enjoying sharing it with you! Thanks for visiting and for following along. I love your comments too.  Thanks for joining me in my month of giveaways! Saturdays winner will be announced on Sunday due to a prior engagement. Look for my favorite giveaway of the month on Sunday! Stay tuned.  xoxo


  1. What a fun fact about your town! I love small town living. That could never happen in the big city. Nor could the big city have a town dog. Or cat. And not too long ago, I saw a raccoon going into a drain right in the middle of my town. Big city folks can look down at us all they want, but they don't know what they're missing.

    You have a great blog. Sounds like you've stuck to your original intent, too.

  2. Gotta laugh at the chickens at popeyes..Smile...Make's you think it's nice and fresh.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. What a great story Vicky...thanks for sharing with us. Your small town sounds delightful, we just love places like that. Your treasures and junk as you say are always very COOL indeed!

  4. I am so happy I found you and your blog!! Oh, dear, what absolute EYE CANDY you posted today!

    We have a town nearby called Fair Oaks where the roosters and chickens run the streets just like in your town and you HAVE TO STOP for them when they're crossing the street!!


  5. I love the story behind your name for your blog. I live in a small town too, but we don't have any chickens running free. Love that chicken crossing sign in front of Popeye's...too funny!!

    Love your blog and the creations that you make.

  6. It's so great to learn more about you and your vision for this wonderful blog!

    Those chickens are a riot!

  7. The chicken story is too funny, Vicki!! it sounds like you live in a very quaint town! I so enjoy coming to your blog to see all of your creativeness come together in your art. It always makes me smile!

    Happy Weekend!


  8. Vicki~

    I loved this description of your blog...and the fun story about the chickens and your town! That is so cool!


  9. Lovely photos and wonderful text to accompany them. Hollywood couldn't write a better story about chickens!

  10. Love your "blog update"... I love your blog and all the tutorials and ideas that you share. The chicken is great...Do you live in Louisiana? I am from NE Louisiana, & saw the Popeyes...I am now an Alabama transplant. Tiff

  11. love your blog.......I love all the treasures you find but don't get out much to find things like that. My daughter and I dedided to have a frinedship tea and invite some friends we want to have some new and exciting things to do. Place cards, goodie bags and a few prizes. Any suggestions?

  12. what a great post. i always love hearing how blog names are chosen. this is hysterical have sooo enjoyed following your lovely and inspiring blog and getting to know "you."

  13. Blogging should be a reflection of the person who writes it and yours shows me a happy, beautiful, confident woman!
    I kept hearing that old song "Chicken in a breadbox" the whole time I was reading about your hometown hens! Love it!!!

  14. I was wondering why Oviedo was full of chickens...Now I know. I love all of your creations, I remember the clip board with your daughters future wedding dress...How cute!


  15. Vicki your Found Treasures are just the sort I go Treasure Hunting for and creating with also... so I loved all the inspiration and eye candy you shared!

    And the wild chickens living outside of Popeyes... how funny is THAT?!! Though I felt a bit guilty for laughing... and certainly as I'd drive up to the drive-thru and saw a relative of my soon-to-be-meal I don't know that it would seem 'right'??! *winks* Maybe those chickens are secretly picketing Popeyes and trying to convict us humans to change our menu plans and thus save their comrades??? Humnnnnn... now that's a thought!

    Have a great weekend... Dawn... The Bohemian

  16. I love your blog, Vicki! Always full of creativity and inspiration!

  17. Vicki I just love to read and learn about people and why or how they do what they do. Your blog is wonderful every day of the month...not merely when you have a giveaway. Your decorating style inspires me and allows me to enjoy what I don't have. :o) Thank you for sharing. Happy weekend and enjoy fully...

  18. Hello Vicki! I have to say, that is something cool! The chickens! WOW! And here I thought I was the only one who hamstered all my vintage finds! You beat me by a long shot! :) You have wonderful finds and goodies! And your city has what mine has (with squirrels) LOL! Except we have no signs for them! Eatible but so beautiful, chickens are!
    Its wonderful to see such great and positive blogs such as yours! I feel the same way! Inspiration is something I have also found in blogland :)


  19. I think you defined your blog perfectly Vicki, and I loved that chicken story!

  20. What a great idea. To share what your blog is all about. Love all the pics you shared. I wonder if those chickens know what happens at Popeyes lol.

  21. Vicki,
    Your blog definition describes you perfectly! Fun looking back at a lot of the projects you have shown in the past. I've really enjoyed getting to know you, you are right, we do like so many of the same things, but I bow to you, the CRAFT QUEEN!
    Maybe those chickens outside Popeyes know something we don't!

  22. Hi there, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I am excied to find your blog, another beautiful blog to follow. I love that the chickens roam around your town and the things you make are gorgeous. I loved the vintage goodies your friend ave you. Have a great weekend. x

  23. Love that about those Chickens, and girl, you know you had me at hello...weell, actually at the first rooster I saw in your house!!!LOL!

  24. What a wonderful story Vicki,makes me even more want to move from this big city to small town country living. I'm what one might call a city girl with a country heart. If it wasn't for my grand babies and daughters I would be out of here in a heart beat.(But, for me family is more important) I so long for the country life. I love visting your blog,it gives me such insperation with all your wonderful tutorials and finds. Thank you for visting my blog and thank for sharing a little of yourself with all of us!Wishing you a blessed Easter..Mary

  25. Love Love Love all your vintage treasures. I've even picked up a few new ideas while browsing this post. Those door plates, swoon....
    The chickens hanging at at Popeye's too funny!
    hugs lynn

  26. You are a creative lady!...& I love the sweet stuff your friend dropped by!
    Have a good weekend...cute chickens!

  27. Hi Vicki, sounds like you live in a wonderful town, what a cool story, I just love all of your creations their absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing them with us! Vicki I wanted to thank you for your precious comment on my last post about my sweet Star, it meant so much to me, it's so nice to have such wonderful ladies in blog land to lift you up when your feeling down. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  28. What a great post for a new reader! Glad to have found you, have a wonderful night!

  29. What a wonderful story behind the name of your blog. I love how there are chickens roaming your metropolis. We have chickens here, but we're only a town of about 50 people. We also have mutant inbreds (think "Deliverance") roaming around, and I wish they wouldn't - lol!


  30. Hey Vicki,

    THank you so much for linking up to Modern Country Style. That's seriously one of the funniest photos I've ever seen. Whoever heard of a chicken-crossing sign outside a chick-eating place?!!!

    I've loved following your blog and look forward to lots more of your gorgeous inspiration.


  31. Thanks for letting me know about Modern Country's party. Those are always fun to learn new facts and meet new friends.

  32. Hi Vicki...I love your beautiful blog and one of a kind creations...very inspiring!!! Enjoy your day :) Laurel


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