Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas party, games and great gifts!

Hello all! My friend Jodi hosted her annual Xmas party and gift swap this past weekend. I want to share some of the fun with you!  Here's a shot of my gifts wrapped and ready to go for Jodi, Kelley and Kim.
I got them each a necklace, which you can spot around their necks in our group shot below.  I had wrapped them in tissue and baker's twine. I stamped their initials on an old bakery receipt as a gift tag and added a cute bird ornament from Michael's to the packaging. I have a bunch of evergreens on hand to add to gift wrap and such. I seem to be reaching for it all the time these days. Love the touch it adds. Ready to see the great gifts they got for me? 
Love this PB pillow from Jodi! It is on my couch right now.  Thank you!
Kim gave us each one of these adorable altered spoons and a prim ornament. I have my spoon sitting in a cheese box with cookie cutters in the kitchen. Looks so cute!

Aren't these candy canes and this church ornament so sweet? Love the graphics from the old greeting card used to make the church. Just Precious! Kelley spoiled me with these and this cute little painted tart tin candle holder too.

Here we all are together. That's Kim, Kelley, me and Jodi.  I love these girls. They enjoy crafting and hunting for vintage junk just as much as I do. We are so lucky to have each other.  It gets better though...our husbands and our kids are also friends! Such a blessing.  Here's a shot of the kids having a wrapping contest - boys vs. girls. This is a hysterical game. We had to judge a winner.  They wrapped a team member!
 That's Jack on the left.  Cooper "got wrapped" and Kyle and Shane rounded out the team. Can you see the pick on top of Cooper's head?
 Here comes the girls entry. That is Sydney all wrapped up and Kara putting on the finishing touches. I didn't get a photo with Riley, there other creative team member. They had so much fun.
This is a great party game. I highly recommend it.  We had to call it a draw. We couldn't pick a winner. They were both way too good.  Hope you are having a joyful holiday and find time to spend with your friends and family. 


  1. Beautiful gifts, grand time & lots of love ...
    Merry Christmas
    TTFN ~

  2. Hi, Vicki,
    What wonderful gifts you gave and received. You have a marvelous group of friends and I can tell
    how happy you all make each other.
    What a blessing.
    Merry Christmas,

  3. way too cute! gift wrapping kids LOVE this!

  4. Oh Vicki what fun!! How great to have junking friends! Great gifts and the kids....way tooo cute!

    Merry Christmas!


  5. Love your wonderful gift baskets....The presentation was a gift in and of it self!! And those necklaces looks wonderful....Looks like you received some lovelies as well. Love the kid "packages"....Fun stuff....Now send them off my way - finally did a little shopping and sure could use their expert help wrapping!! ;o) Wishing you a wonderful holiday week ahead....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Awesome gifts, and looks like so much fun!

  7. Looks like everyone had tons of fun. Great gifts.

  8. WEll what a fun group of kids...and fun friends all those gifts where so creative!

  9. Oh this is so sweet and looks like SO much fun for everyone! Its always a joy to pop in and see a great post! :)


  10. Junking friends are the best! Your lucky to live in such a quaint place! Cheers, Marilyn

  11. It's so wonderful to have junkin friends! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Great job with your gifts and wrapping!
    Merry Christmas to you~xoxo~Sue

  12. Well ideas of good entertainment and celebration. Information provide well helps. Gifts and suggestion make it well and attractive.

  13. Looks like fun was had by all!
    enJOY a beautiful Christmas week,

  14. Looks great!!! Awesome gifts, hope you are all having great time. Merry Christmas.

  15. Your gifts were awesome. LOL the kids contest, that is the most unusual contest. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  16. Wonderful gifts dear Vicki, I love the little church,- such joy, to have 3 close friends loving the same things as you.

  17. our little group always has so much fun together, we are a lucky bunch!!! Great pics Vic, that camera is awesome! ♥

  18. Looks like you had a great time. Spending time with friends is priceless.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

  19. Kim,
    isn't it fun to spend time with close friends, especially at the Holidays! They certainly gave you some great things! Looks like you all had a blast and how cute are those kids all wrapped up! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!
    Merry Christmas

  20. Vicki,
    What a fun party you guys had! I love that you have a posse that loves the same stuff you do. Even the kids have fun together!

  21. I would love to know how to make that church ornament with the old cards. Do you have a tutorial for that?

    St. Louis

  22. I too, would like to know about the church ornie...any info is greatly appreciated!!

    1. ShesCrafty121 on

  23. Wow!! These Christmas party gifts and games are fantastic. I will use them to get a lovely gift for my sister’s Christmas party that she wants to arrange at one of venues in Chicago. Thanks for sharing these ideas here.


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