Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blogging up close...It's not perfect

Suzanne of Pink Roses and other passions shared this post recently "Blogging up close..." with her readers and followers, and it has really inspired me as a new blogger. I love her attitude and appreciate her transparency.  She needs her own button for this! I would proudly post it on my blog next to Jodie's "Looking to start a new blog" button from Everything Vintage. As a recent convert from blog stalker to blog writer, I can tell you it is super intimidating to get started after following all these lovely blogs with beautiful pictures and creative posts. The bar is set very high. I told myself for several months, you can't have a blog. I knew I had plenty to share and that I was passionate about my blog theme, but my house doesn't look like those beautiful  photos. There is dog hair on the floor and backpacks by our front door. I assumed these women and their homes were as perfect as their pictures. I thought to have a blog you had to do projects all day and spend hours staging photos and drafting posts too. That is what a blog looks like "up close." But, I was missing the big picture.  Thank you, Suzanne, for helping me affirm my decision to get started blogging. I do fit in after all. I can handle this delicate balancing act of family, work and creativity. I deserve my happy place and want to get to know new friends. Having a passion and the desire to share is enough to get started because none of us are perfect and that's is just one more thing we have in common my new friends.


  1. I find that I enjoy blogging much more when I don't put pressure on myself! I may post once a week, or four times a week~ I post when I have something I want to share. And you can't worry about perfection~ it doesn't exist! We live real lives! I just read you have two bassets! I have 2 pugs now, but have had three wonderful bassets in my life~ they are the sweetest dogs...we sure miss them! So I know what it's like to live with dogs and grandkids and family members moving in and out...and stuff all perfect in this house! Blogging for me is a wonderful creative outlet and a very supportive sharing group of people!

  2. Hi Vicki,
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog.
    I still feel new to blogging and get a real thrill to read my comments.
    It is all a juggle but my blog friends are great and I look forward to my daily gossips.
    Happy blogging, Angela.

  3. Linda, I spotted those super cute pugs when I visited your blog the first time. Adorable. Angela, you are right it is thrill to read comments and I find myself posting more too. After 2 years of just reading, wishing I had started earlier. I think we all get nervous about taking on something new. I thought Suzanne's post of her photo shoot showing the "big picture" was so great. Made me think, I can definitely do this and enjoy it. Have a great week ladies.

  4. I am so glad that you decided to take the plunge and started your own blog!
    And even those of us who have quite a few posts under our belt still get intimidated by those "other" bloggers who seem to have it all together.

    Psssst, wanna know a secret?
    None of us have it all together! There's a lot going behind the scenes and just outside the lens of the camera that we don't let anyone else see.

    You're doing great. Just keep it real and you will go far!

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  5. Hi Vicki! I agree with you 110%!!! There is so much to be gained from blogging and you do not have to be perfect or have a spotless house!! It is just so much fun to share what's in the heart of you and take a peek into other's hearts as well! You will love it here--it's a wonderful neighborhood!!! Love, Julie

  6. I would be embarassed to tell you how many times I just kick the junk to the side to take a pic. And I have plenty of dog AND cat hair everywhere. Blog on girl! You're doing an excellent job!

  7. Anne, Denise and Julie - So nice to hear again and again. Trust me that I've hit the ground running with my blog. The post and everyone's comments do make me laugh and feel like we have even more in common. Love it. I'll smile and think of you all the next time I shoot photos.

  8. Congratulations on starting your blog...I'm SO excited for you! And I love it here - everything feels deep down good. Thanks for creating this wonderful space.

  9. Hey my girl...
    Do I need to create a post on dog hair? I'll do it in honor of you!!!!! hahahaha
    We have dog hair on the floor, in the sheets and in our nose. We wouldn't have it any other way!!!!! :)

    I'm so happy you are having fun and meeting some wonderful people here!!!! You fit in JUST PERFECTLY!!!!!

    I for one just love you to was love at first sight!!!! or first read!!!!

  10. Jodie you are so funny. I love your "voice" when you post and comment. That is why we all love you back! Enjoy your b-day month. I'm following every day.


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