Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quick fall project for you! Get back to nature

So a project that begins with a dead tree branch is one of my favorite pieces of artwork right now in our home...really! It is a simple piece that makes me smile when I think about the trip into the woods with my friend Jodi and our daughters, Kara and Sydney, searching for the perfect branch. We started out just looking for the right size. You know, something that would fit inside the bottle and not tip over once we made the table top displays.  Then we started to appreciate the shapes, the colors, the bits of lichen and tiny pine cones still attached.  It became hard to choose, and we collected so many they barely fit into her car!
Once we got home, I filled a vintage inspired bottle with popcorn to add some color and to help hold the branch in place.  I decorated the bottle with some coffee stained cheesecloth, an old chain and vintage clip on earring.  
Now I was ready to decorate. I had so much fun rummaging through all my junk looking for items to hang on my tree.  I used more vintage clip on earrings, some vintage drawer hardware and skeleton keys.  The possibilities are endless. You could try some vintage cookie cutters, spools, tins, watch parts, small bottles, little nests, flashcards...you name it.
I was in a fall mood and decided to add a few inspired words to my tree as well. I had picked up a pad of what appears to be a vintage receipt book. Perhaps for a farmer's market? I punched hearts in some and a random decorative shape in others then added words like "grace," "thanks," and "love."  Here's a close up of the paper ephemera -
I love the simplicity of this project.  The only things I had to purchase were a bottle from Ikea and the popcorn.  It is a great way to display some small pieces I had collected that were stored away in cigar boxes. And, the pieces can still be recycled for other projects. Nothing is permanently attached. You can even add odds and ends. I plan to use the tree project as a centerpiece on Thanksgiving, but it has earned a permanent place in our home.
Special thanks to Sheri Deluke Photography for photographing this project and several you see on my blog header and buttons!  I appreciate your help and advice so much! I've linked this project to SNS Funky Junk Interiors "Sticks, Twigs and Branches"   Come take a look at all the great projects.


  1. Vicki,
    What a great new blog you have! You tree project is full of inspiration! I just love that you used popcorn! My favorite!
    My fav is those heart punched receipts... adorable!
    You are very talented, dear one!
    What a great visit. I'm going to be looking for a branch to decorate for my mantle.

  2. This project is soooo me! What a clever idea to display vintage items on the branches. I have to make this. Also, thanks for the tip on using popcorn. I have been filling my bottles with candy and that gets expensive. Also, thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming a new follower!!

  3. popcorn! who'd a thought!!!!
    I am soooooo inspired by this idea...my little brain is going CRAZY!
    Should I miss work today or play with popcorn?
    See what ya started????
    You're just brilliant!

  4. Ladies - thank you for your kind words and for stopping by. I'm so glad I inspired you. Send me pics of what you make please. Definitely call in sick and get started right away. I'm going to let the cat out of the bag and tell you I stole the popcorn filler idea from a little project in Scrapbook Etc. Don't you love the color? Perfect for fall.

  5. this is just darling! what a fun little project! thank you for visiting me! have a beautiful day! susan

  6. Thanks, Susan. I just saw your cute little acorn project. So easy and screaming fall.

  7. The simplicity of that project is what makes it so cool!

  8. I agree, Karla. I love simple projects I can do in a few hours the most. Of course I have a few that get better with age...lol. Thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by.

  9. i love everything about your blog, I wouldn't even know where to start. I grew up in a town where you had to wait for the chickens to cross the road, and my parents still do. When I had my kids I took them down to the same little hair studio where I got my first hair cut and everything was still the same. When I get to stop moving around with the military I hope to find a town just like that again. Can't wait to see your etsy shop! Please check out my blog and find my etsy and my facebook and such!!

    Love, a new faithful follower...Rheanna
    loving everything old and vintage as well

    PS: found you from The Creative Girl Party blog hop!

  10. lOVE IT... I am here from the Creative Girl party. I'm not following the rules, as your not above me on the list! Oh well, you caught my eye...lol


  11. Cindy - I did the same thing. I ran through about 15 different blogs last night and had a very good time. I'm heading over to your blog now. Take care and thanks for stopping by.

  12. Hi Vicki! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments and linking up to the party! Oh my goodness I absolutely love your blog and I'm so glad to meet you here in blogland! :-) I look forward to seeing much more of you and now I must go look through all of your other posts and spend a shameful amount of time here!

  13. I LOVE how yours turned out! That was a fun project. Thanks for giving us the idea! :D

  14. Beautiful! I love how this turned out! It is really gorgeous! So simply charming!! I made a few branches into a tree as well ! Love this idea!! Thank you for joining feathered nest Friday!! Nice to meet you! :)

  15. Vanessa, Kel and Courtney - Thank you for your kind words. I'm really enjoying myself!

  16. Cute idea Vicki.
    See you are relatively new to blogging.
    Would love to introduce you to my friends.

    I'm your newest follower!!


    barbara jean

    PS who designed your blog? Love it!!

  17. Too cool...this is such a great way to use up odds and ends! It's a very unique way of showing off your craftiness!

  18. Awww... this is cute! It takes me back to my childhood where my brother and I use to make gumdrop trees out of branches. :) Love it!


  19. Such a sweet project. Love your little blog world over here!


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