Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Secret Closet

Ok, I have a confession. My studio looks so clean and organized because many of my art supplies live in the office just across the hall.  Here's a shot taken tonight from the office doorway into the studio.  Yes, the garden gate is on the wall!  She's not decorated yet though. I have family in town right now so no studio time this week.
Here's a shot of my half of the office from the doorway.  It is still a bit messy today. I had to empty the closet this week to install organizers. Up until this morning, the room was filled with containers, art supplies, school projects - anything that lived in the closet. I keep my sewing machine, cricket and paint supplies here. This was my original craft space. Now it is a secondary work space for me when I am sewing, painting or custom cutting paper.
There is still a small pile on Shelby's crate but I think you can see it has come together this evening. The closet has double glass doors which means you can only access one side at a time.The right side is mostly paper, ribbon, stamps, ink and a variety of chipboard, cardboard, canvas, etc. that I use for crafts.
The left side holds wreath making supplies, paper clay, my storage cabinet for smalls, glues, punches, a few Xmas supplies and my storage totes.  It also has a small table or work surface.  Having this closet allows me to store most of my pretty vintage supplies in the studio and then keep my everyday items here. That's my secret.  Once the drapes are in and the gate is decorated. I will give you a full studio tour and show you some of the supplies I've collected.  Now you know the truth.  I am definitely not that neat and organized! I just have lots of room to spread out and hide all my goodies! I hope you have a great week. I'll be working, caring for my son who has a bit of a fever and hoping to squeeze in some more time with my brother and sister in law who are in town.

I will also be joining Tracy for her Macro party on Tuesday.  She has a new party where you share photography. This week the theme is macro or close ups. Share a picture that you've taken. Ask for advice and lend advice. Great tool for bloggers and great way to meet new friends.  See you there!


  1. Honey, us gals ALL have secrets! Sorry your son isn't feeling well. Your studio is looking fantastic! Lots of great things gonna be created in there. And what's an office worth diddly without a dawg in it??? Or two or three...

  2. Your house just gets more gorgeous by the second, Vicki!!! Love the green on your!!! And I'm so HAPPY you have that closet--I was wondering where you were going to put

    Can't wait for you to see the feature that I've got planned...
    Sending hugs and hope you had a good weekend!

  3. It looks great to me Vicki, and you seem very organized! I hope your son is feeling better soon. Another one of mine has come down with this bug. No fun!
    Have a wonderful week :-)

  4. Love how the garden gate turned out, I even wrote down the paint color and brand when you shared it on your earlier post. Have fun with your new space! Hugs and Blessings Marilou

  5. Wow! What an awesome space and oh so organized! I feel so sorely lacking in my organizational skills when I see that. And, I have to tell you, that first photo truly looks like something out of a magazine already so I can't wait to see how it looks with the drapes and other finishing touches! :-)
    Thanks for your comment today on the new blog too and for following over there! We really appreciate the support!
    P.S. Oh, and I just noticed the button you put over here too! Thanks!

  6. the gate looks great Vicki, I think I see the little Rooster tag that I made for you on there!:) xo ♥

  7. It looks Fabulous!! I am jealous of your big craft space. I have a little loft upstairs thats mine. I am working on make it pretty. Great job!

  8. So great to have a closet, and yours is nicely organized! Your dog looks so cute in your studio! Hope you enjoy your time with family, and that your son feels better, too!

  9. Oh girl... that is soooo not messy! I will have to show you messy sometime! I only dream of being so organized :) YOur space looks like the perfect place to be creative. Thanks so much for the congrats, I hadn't seen Karens post yet so I hopped right over. I am honored, I love using her images, she is my go-to girl! Theresa xoxo

  10. Your Studio is Amazing! I Perfect Place to Create!
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  11. It all looks amazing!!! Love all the details! Have fun creating!!

  12. Oh goodness, nothing in your photos is ever messy! :) Love it!


  13. First off, that gate looks WAAAAAY better, gorgeous now! And you are too neat!

  14. Oh how I wish I had a secret closet!!! Lol :) Unfortunately my mess is out for the world to see! The studio (and gate) looks fabulous!!!

  15. This isn't messy; I want a secret closet or a secret
    Wow, my brother and sister-in-law arrive tomorrow~
    I'm in the same situation. I love the gate and the way you have your stuff set up~ I like you, will enjoy family, but can't wait to get back to crafting!

  16. Wow! Everythig is gorgeous!I know I need a buddy/husband/mate/partner here and have only just had my veranda erected after 29 yrs of waiting. Landscaping happening now and I hope my home will look exciting soon too. Can now step from my studio straight into my courtyard. Oh I'm in Victoria, Australia.


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