Monday, January 31, 2011

Going to a Macro Party

I'm joining Tracy at Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures for her Macro Party.  Macro is a setting on your camera (look for the flower) used for up close and personal photography.  I am no expert but do love playing with my new camera. The best macro shots are going to be outside in natural light. I didn't have that luxury tonight but was not going to let that stop me.  I used my standard flash and Picnik editing software.  I cropped the image to remove some of the shadows in the picture from the flash. The standard camera flash will always bounce off of just one area of your picture. It usually overexposes that area and leaves shadows elsewhere. I also sharpened the image in Picnik to show the detail in this photo. Wondering what the heck this is?
It is the spongy green moss in my studio centerpiece.  I thought this would be a fun texture to shoot plus I could actually use the jar as my tripod. I just balanced the camera on the lid!  There's some improvising for you. If you are wondering why the flash is not reflecting in the jar....I am borrowing my sister in law's speedlite flash attachment. I did not use it for the macro shot since I was aiming straight into the jar. I did use it here. The speedlite allows you to point the flash at various angles. So, you can get the light you need but aim it upward, in this case, to avoid the flash bouncing off the glass. A standard flash on your camera, pops up and aims straight towards the subject. That is why you get that large white circle on standard flash shots. I have so much to learn but getting better at pointing out my own flaws. That is progress! I know all bloggers would like to improve their photos and learn new tricks. I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions on anything discussed here. I hope you will stop by Tracy's party for more tips and sample photos.


  1. Fun!!~ I have some neat shots too, I will be sharing later tomorrow. I love your green mushy stuff...good shot!

  2. Very nice! I'm still trying to process the camera before I move on to any attachments. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I knew that was moss right away! I have read that flash is better for macro shots. I also have an external flash that I got for Christmas and I need to learn about it. Thanks for making me want to with your post and all of your hints. Also thanks for linking up. I think your photos is great!

  4. That is so great Vicki!! I had no idea about using the flash for macros! I learned something new today! :) Love the details in the moss tha you captured!

  5. I love discovering that setting on my camera.
    Nice pic girl!


    barbara jean

  6. It turned out fabulous! Glad you joined in!!

  7. Very nice! I have the Cannon Rebel Eos. I got it in the summer and for Cmas I got an inexpensive macro lens. I think the macro just changes around the depth of field by changing around where it focuses. I am no expert, but I enjoy playing with it. I think this blog has made me realize that words sometimes fail me. I just went to read about how the macro lens works so I could explain it to you and it just begins to sound like mumbo jumbo the more I read. I really see it in the lens and I understand the focus points, much better than the direction manual. My husband swears I never read directions. I really do sometimes!

  8. Hi Vicki,
    I got a new camera for Christmas and I love it. I still have a LOT to learn though. But my photos that I took of the fish I thought I did pretty good on. People asked me if I went snorkeling to get the pics. So that made me feel pretty good. They were taken at the Ocean Center. But I didn't want the glare of the glass either. So I angled it too and it worked!
    I love the green moss! I have some of that too and love using it my crafts but it sure is pretty in the jar too.
    Have a great Tuesday!

  9. Cool shot Vicki and I love the moss in that jar!

  10. Great macro shot of the moss. I have just tried my hand at macro for the first time and posted at Tracy's too. I don't yet have a macro lens and have a lot to learn. Actually, I haven't even read the manual or looked at the ED that came with my camera.

  11. Great shot. I thought it was some sea urchin type thing. Moss makes more sense though.

  12. Awesome shot and such ingenuity on your part - using the top as your tripod. I have yet to use a kids and life is always moving to fast.

  13. I have really enjoyed visiting everyone involved with this linky party. It has been educational and inspiring. Your picture is gorgeous and I would never have been able to guess the subject. Great shot!

    Best wishes,


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