Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My peppers are poppin'!

Hello, friends. Please indulge me in a little gardening post. I know this is not one of my normal topics here on this blog, but I am very excited to report my poblano pepper plant is producing peppers! This is the first time I have grown anything other than herbs.  I know many of you are experienced gardeners and farmers. We love roasting and grilling with these mild peppers. I can't wait to harvest them.
I bought two little seedlings at Home Depot on a whim. They were about eight inches tall back in April when I carelessly crammed them both into this container (lol).  I did research my fertilizers.  I found out less nitrogen and adding bone meal can lead to success.  I also added a mist of water and Epsom Salts when I started to see flowers.  Seems to have worked, even in this hot Florida sun!  These guys are now about 4.0 feet tall and require serious water each day.
The screened porch does provide some relief from the sun and keeps the bugs out. This can be good and bad. I had to self pollinate the flowers once they started blooming since there were no bees to help do the job. I'm about 60-70 days in and things are looking good.  Thanks for sharing in my excitement!  What should I try next? I would love your suggestions for a fall container planting.  Don't forget about my giveaway on my previous post. Take a peek.


  1. Woo Hoo!!! They're looking great! I love container gardening - that's how I usually grow my tomatoes and parsley and most of my annuals....Your seasons and growing season there are so very different than here, I wouldn't begin to venture what you could do in the fall....probably anything your little heart desires!! (I'm very impressed at the effort you took - researching fertilizers, self-pollinating - wow....I plop them in the container, water, and hope Miracle Grow does its thing!! ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Vicki, Yahoo.... mine are not doing very good...


  3. That is exciting news, those are great tasting peppers! Have fun harvesting! Hugs Marilou

  4. Your peppers are looking great! We just had a major wind/thunderstorm blow through. Lots of damage to our garden and many trees are down. The good news. Our precious treehouse is still standing!!

  5. I'm impressed! My gardening experience is largely a disaster.

  6. Congrats those thumbs are turning green :D I love to gardening; You did good! It sometimes is trial and error and not being afraid to try new things; experiment~ (Just like crafting)

    Tomatoes or cucumbers are next~

  7. Oh, my hubby would be sooo jealous Vicki! He has been trying to grow peppers in our garden for years but we just don't get enough heat here in the NW to make it happen. Yours look fabulous though! :-)

  8. I used to grow peppers years ago. I don't know how big these get, but we would remove the seeds, stuff our peppers with crab meat and cream cheese wrap with bacon and grill on the BBQ, they were awesome!
    Enjoy your peppers however you cook them!
    hugs Lynn

  9. Your peppers are looking good!
    My garden is nothing but weeds ~ it's been raining here and no time to pull them.
    Good Luck with your peppers and may they continue to grow.
    Prim Blessings

  10. Gardening is so much fun and growing vegetables too. You shoul grow tomatoes so you can make fresh salsa. Tomatoes are really easy to grow too.

  11. Ahhh the peppers are so cute! I love it when veggies appear on a plant, makes me feel great! >:D And these are scrumptious!


  12. The important thing to remember is always wear a silly garden hat when tending to the farm!
    I'm impressed...Ole'!

  13. your Peppers look great Vic!:) We've been trying some Rosemary & Basil on our back patio, so far so good its nice to be able to go out and clip some fresh herbs to cook with! I do not have a grean thumb, but happy mine are doing well so far...Happy Garedening!! :)

  14. Oh, these are fun. This is how I started a few years back, with peppers and tomatoes. Now I have a whole garden. Watch out :)

  15. It's so much fun when they start looking like peppers! Yours look great..
    Enjoy the beach!


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