Saturday, November 20, 2010

Renningers Antique Extravaganza

Welcome to Renningers! Renningers is a weekly antique fair, farmers market and flea market in Mt. Dora, Florida.  This weekend is one of their three day "extravaganzas" that brings in dealers up and down the East Coast.  My girlfriends Jennifer and Blair invited me along to hunt for "smalls" with them. You know...we weren't looking for furniture but we were "ratting" around for items to create with and take home to the studio.  We found acres and acres of dealers that look like this one above. As you can imagine, we spent the entire day today at the show and covered only about half of the dealers.  There was some serious junk to work our way through.
One of my first stops was a dealer who had demijohns for sale for $39-59.  I bought two at a discount that I'll share with you when I reveal all my purchases.  Much better than Pottery Barn!
I needed vintage buttons, jewelry, etc...for the studio.  There were so many to choose from at great prices. I bought an entire tin and a few other little surprises from this table.
Aren't the colors on these frames fun?  The textures were great. This was the first year at this show that we saw an abundance of chippy and shabby. I took a few pictures that will work well for White Wednesday. I'll share this week.
You know I love butter churns. There was an abundance of them!  This booth had some great kitchen items for good prices. I bought some small tins and cookie cutters for crafting.
They also had these old grates.  I was in love with the patterns.  They were extremely heavy or I might have brought one home as a piece of wall art.  They were just so pretty.
Speaking of pretty...this vintage dress was one of many. I was fortunate with this one to snap a picture without a crowd.  It wasn't easy to pull a cart full of purchases and snap photos today!
How about this corner piece? It is 12 feet high!  It was just gorgeous in person and supposedly from a home in Paris.  They had a pair of these, and they were very impressive!
One of my girlfriends has a green thumb. She loves her garden and we looked for gates and rusty garden tools for her today.  I thought this small, rusty gate was perfect for her!

These test tubes and beakers came from a really fun dealer. He had a giant tent filled with chemistry supplies.  These would make great bud vases and add some whimsy to your decorating. If I would have found him before Halloween, I might have been in trouble!

So, there are a few pics to hold you for now! I have more to upload tomorrow from browsing at the show.  Of course, I need to photograph and share my purchases too! I'm so happy with what I bought today. I can't wait to show you!  Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday my friends.  Thanks for stopping by! Your sweet comments and follows are so appreciated. I've got my giveaway ready to photograph too.  I will be posting by the end of the week. See my previous post for a hint! I'll be linking this post to:


  1. Hi Vicki,
    This looks like such a fun show! I would've been in heaven here! I love demijohns, and can't wait to see yours! The garden gates are amazing, too. Thanks for taking us along:)

  2. Look at all those goodies...that is a serious lab glass collection!

  3. Oh Vicki,
    I wish I could have been there! That would have been heavenly! I can't wait to see what you brought home. I loved the rusted gate too! Thanks for taking pictures of this wonderful show!
    Hope your Thanksgiving is blessed one.

  4. Now I wish I had gone yesterday but I needed a day at home. Your pictures are great! Can't wait to see your treasures.
    Enjoy your day!

  5. Vicki, thank you for showing us this! I about swooned when I saw those frames, I want some badly!!! Great pics lady!

  6. Wow, I love the butter churns and demijohns, can't wait to see your purchases!!! thats amazing that it was even bigger than last year! Our foursome has to get back out there together sometime!!!:) ♥

  7. So much GREAT stuff. I always have trouble making choices and there looked to be lots to choose from.

  8. I want to see what treasures you brought home!

  9. Ohhh you had fun didn't you? I had a blast too and still need to upload my photos. Will post mine later tomorrow after kids go back to school.

  10. Vicki,
    I am so jealous! I've read about Renningers on and off for years, Looks like a junker's dream! I love those old grates and that dress is adorable! Lucky you!!

  11. That looks like loads of fun. I wish we had one in my town.
    Hugs, Cindy

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