Sunday, June 17, 2012

Roosters to share!

 I'm finally getting around to sharing a few presents from my bday in late April.  My friend, Kim, found this awesome 1950's folk art platter.  I need to get things organized and fine a good spot for this.
I'm guessing these were sold in department stores?  Seem to be plentiful. My kitchen has the same colors so should be fun to display there.
Kim also gave me this great Happy Birthday postcard.  I promise to scan and upload this week to share with you along with a few more images I've collected.  This sure is one you can use over and over again.
Kelley also slipped a little rooster into her gift.  This guy know hangs on the shutters in my kitchen.

Funny thing is that I never collected roosters until I started this blog.  I think most of my readers assumed that I had a rooster collection when I started the blog, but really the rooster is a symbol of the community were we live - Oviedo, Florida.  Our town is very suburban but we are known for the chickens that roam our streets. They even roost at our local Popeyes Chicken among other businesses.  You can read more and see more of the infamous Oviedo chickens in one of my older posts here.

Thanks for visiting!  I have some projects in mind to share, and I'm cleaning the studio. It is so fun to find things you forgot you had.  More to share soon! Linking up to -

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