Sunday, December 23, 2012

Simple gift wraps!

Hello there!  I thought I would share a couple of quick wrap ideas with you. If you find yourself in a jam, this is a favorite of mine.  Simply take brown bags, don't unfold or open, sew down three sides leaving the top open.  You have an instant envelope.  Fold the top over and then punch two holes next to each other for a ribbon to be inserted and bow tied. Not my original idea but I certainly have used the heck out of it!
I ripped a page from an old book and found some embellishments that I've had for years in the scrapbook closet.  I could have easily stamped on another piece of paper or fabric and added that instead. Here's a good rule of thumb...layer your projects in odd numbers.  Paper, one white snow flake and one silver snowflake...three layers on any project gives you depth and interest. Even on one this simple!
Thank you Pinterest for the idea to make the craft beer into a reindeer! lol  This is one of Rudolph's lesser known cousins, Leroy. He was also discriminated against years ago for his unusual nose but didn't seem to get the publicity his super high flying cousin did!
And a quick shipping tag. Sometimes it is fun to NOT put "To and From."  Try using a picture of you or something obvious like this basset hound stamp.  Trust me...our friends knew it was us that left this at the door, rang the bell and ran. p.s - try to ignore the missing front feet on the dog.  I never said I was perfect! lol

Hope you are preparing for Him and all the visitors headed your way this joyful holiday.  See you soon!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Red tote Xmas redo!

Thanks to my friends, Jodi and Kelley, I brought this little red wooden tote home. We spotted it during a local Holiday Open House.  It looks so cute sitting on my kitchen bar filled with miscellaneous Christmas goodies. My kind of decorating....simply fill with items you have around the house!

My kitchen has a red back splash so this little red tote isn't just for the holidays.  I'll have fun using her all year round.  I seem to have a thing for wooden totes, tool boxes and crates these days.  I'd love to find some crates and shelves to finish decorating the walls in my studio. They make displaying artwork and treasures so easy. I'll share my dining room centerpiece (an old wooden toolbox) next!  Until then...thank you for your follows and comments. xoxo

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Master Bedroom Redo!

We recently turned our bedroom into the master retreat we deserve, and I could not be happier! Thanks to Bonetti Interiors for being such great listeners and helping making our vision come true. All photos are also courtesy of the Bonetti's. I've not done my own shoot yet!  

This sitting area is now one of my favorite spots in the house. We had really neglected our master for a number of  years. The rest of our house is filled with lots of cozy furniture, pillows and some of my vintage finds. Something more important always seemed to come along before I got around to the bedroom.  I didn't even have curtains in here until the remodel. What a difference! I wasn't ready to paint the walls but adding all this cream and white really is cozy.  I might go a dark gray when it is time to paint.

Guess who else likes it?! Both basset hounds.  Zoey was too busy hiding from the Bonetti Sisters but Shelby was happy to try out the bed.  The bench at the foot of the bed is so she can climb in at night.  The girls used a wool rug for some color and durability on the bench. I loved it.  I had mentioned how much I love the ottomans and benches I'm seeing covered in what looks like a wool rug.  Of course, I didn't like the price of these...four digits! This works for me.
 That is my mom on a pony in that cloche. Love this picture of her and included it on my side table so I can see it everyday now.  Hope you enjoyed the tour! We have a great TV wall too now with some fun shelves.  The picture did not due it justice. I'll have to post one soon though.  Hope you are having a great week.  I'm linking to:

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ornaments from trash and scraps

I found an old metal strap (probably from a can of motor oil or oil filter) in the parking lot where we bought our Xmas tree.  My husband and kids are used to me picking up old metal and discarded wood. Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this!
Over the weekend I spent an hour or so with a glass of wine getting messy in the studio and used my new find. I made an Xmas tree from pieces of the strap on this small canvas.  Kara and I both made tree ornaments on canvas. The fun part is preparing the background. We covered the canvas in book pages and then used a brayer to paint on white, gold and blue onto the backgrounds. You could always use a damp towel, your finger or a dry brush to do the same. We also used distress ink and glitter. Would you like to see hers?
Her background came out even better than mine! She used some ribbon scraps to make her tree. I plan to use an eye hook to hang them both.  I displayed mine on a cabinet card project I'm working on right now.  Just looked so pretty together that I had to photograph it that way.

Hope you have a wonderful week!  I'm looking forward to sharing a new find, my bedroom redo and some dried flower projects with you soon.  xoxo Linking to:


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