Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why did the chicken cross the road?

I'm going to answer that age old question for you, "Why did the chicken cross the road?"  
To get to Popeyes Fried Chicken restaurant, silly!  Yes, this is a real picture from my hometown - Oviedo, Florida. There is a chicken crossing sign in the Popeyes Fried Chicken restaurant's parking lot.  You see our little town is known for the 30-40 wild chickens that have inhabited the town for the past 30 years. Some say it all started when a shipment of chicks got loose from the local feed store years ago.  The chickens wander about town including loitering in the Popeye's parking lot! They just don't understand the irony.
 So, I took the kids to Popeyes the other evening after basketball and volleyball practice. The chickens never disappoint here. They are always loitering around the parking lot. Here we are at the drive through placing our order. Sure enough the old "Rusty Rooster" himself is meandering between the cars.
As we pull up, you can get a better look.  It is a bit ironic to have to repeat your order for a bucket of fried chicken because the rooster is crowing so loudly at the drive thru they can't hear you!
"Hello, ladies."  Looks like a three piece meal to me (lol). All of these pictures were taken while I was sitting in the driver's seat of my car in the drive thru. The service is notoriously slow here, which is kind of funny. The kids always say, "Do they have to catch a chicken to fill our order?" I spent my time productively by leaning out my window and across my husband's lap to snap pictures of these guys for my blog. People probably thought we were from out of town.  There are just so many of them you don't even have to get out of the car.  It's the Oviedo safari. 
I'm no chicken expert but I think my rusty rooster has some competition headed his way. These guys just popped over from the credit union.  A few of them have actually wandered into the bank in the past.
So, now you know.  The chicken crossed the road to get to Popeyes.  Oh, the irony of it all....Thanks for visiting.  I hope you enjoyed the story of our town and its famous chickens. 


  1. Too funny! If only they knew where they were.

  2. That is so funny and those chickens are sooo cute.

    Popeyes, now that's a blast from my past. When we lived in Texas one had just opened. Don't they have really good biscuits???? There isn't one anywhere near me where I live in Oregon. :(

  3. Vicki~ this really is ironic~ great pics! So funny!

  4. Yes, the biscuits are delicious! So happy to share our chickens with you guys. Picture a whole town running around with "I brake for Chickens" bumper stickers too.

  5. I lived in Orlando and worked in Oviedo a few years ago and remember those chickens well!!!
    Fun post!!

  6. Hi Vicki...thanks for the laugh today ~ I so needed it!!!

  7. Vicki! That is so hilarious! Oh my goodness it is truly dripping with irony and is one of those "you can't make this stuff up" moments! Thanks for sharing it with us and I look forward to seeing you at the party! :-)

  8. SO funny!! Thanks for your visit, enjoying your blog!
    Have a great Friday!

  9. Vicki, that is so funny. I would have been snapping pictures, too. Good luck in the giveaway.

  10. We do love our chickens, don't we? Great pictures of them...and a fun read! :)

  11. How funny is this....I guess chickens are better than say TURKEY'S wandering all over the place.
    It's interesting, how different each of them are. Glad your town is proud and so tolerant of them...I sure enjoyed them, via you.
    LOVE your blog design.

  12. I need that sign! My chickens are constantly crossing my drive way. Rita

  13. That is so hilarious!!!
    We have 4 chickens and wild turkeys are all over the place.
    Well, I LOVE your blog. You are so creative. I'm trying to follow but the thing isn't working today I guess. Come see me again :)

  14. I just found your blog today and have to tell you it is wonderful! I have lived in Oviedo 13 years! It is a wonderful place!

    Those chickens and roosters have been a constant form of entertainment for my two kids for years!


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