Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ornaments from trash and scraps

I found an old metal strap (probably from a can of motor oil or oil filter) in the parking lot where we bought our Xmas tree.  My husband and kids are used to me picking up old metal and discarded wood. Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this!
Over the weekend I spent an hour or so with a glass of wine getting messy in the studio and used my new find. I made an Xmas tree from pieces of the strap on this small canvas.  Kara and I both made tree ornaments on canvas. The fun part is preparing the background. We covered the canvas in book pages and then used a brayer to paint on white, gold and blue onto the backgrounds. You could always use a damp towel, your finger or a dry brush to do the same. We also used distress ink and glitter. Would you like to see hers?
Her background came out even better than mine! She used some ribbon scraps to make her tree. I plan to use an eye hook to hang them both.  I displayed mine on a cabinet card project I'm working on right now.  Just looked so pretty together that I had to photograph it that way.

Hope you have a wonderful week!  I'm looking forward to sharing a new find, my bedroom redo and some dried flower projects with you soon.  xoxo Linking to:



  1. No. You are not alone in your picking up and 'scoring' odd little finds.
    I was just helping my daughter unpack at her new house...and had to come home and empty my pockets!
    A large wooden button, a pack of zacto blades, 4 AA batteries(that worked) and a safety pin chain, (yes, I chained them together) son-in-law says I'm a pack rat. I told him "no.just creative minded."

    These Christmas Trees are sweet! Love them both!

  2. Vicki,
    Happy to see ya come by:) You have made one cute tree and I see that the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Hope you have a wonderful week.I don't pick up things in parking lots, but Mr.CC does.


  3. Hi Brenda, It looks like you have been having some fun. Love the one in blue, right up my alley, lol. Have a great week and good holidays season.
    Hugs Marilou

  4. You are so not alone. I spent time in a U-Haul lot and found lots of old rusty bits and pieces. I just wasn't prepared with any hand-cleaner. Your ornaments are lovely. Joyful Jingles...

  5. To the horror of my family, I always pickup bits of trash, and they are often my favorite treasures to use in my work. Your ornaments are lovely, I do love the way your tree looks on that cabinet card! Maybe you will keep it that way?
    enJOY a Merry December,

  6. Inspiring, inspiring, inspiring! There's nothing like old stuff. I am a "picker-upper" as well --- I love sticks and pieces of tree fungus and assorted rusty bits. What fun. Everything counts as art!

  7. i love how you spend creative time with your daughter. you are blessed and so is she! these canvas pieces are beyond beautiful!! ;)

  8. I love them both! I agree with Michelle, there is nothing better than sitting down with the kids to create and see their visions come to life. Have a wonderful week! t.xoxo

  9. Your metal strap tree, on the cabinet card looks so beautiful, Vicki- I love the shimmer and white, and the old materiels used,-and the green one is so sweet, and lovely.

  10. Such fun projects! And wonderfully different styles!

  11. Not so much do i pick up as I can throw one thing away...A doll arm an old screw or other rusty bits,,,Yep we might need them. Love your projects!


  12. This is darling and no you are not! :D I pick stuff up all the time and my girls do alot of eye rolling. :P


  13. Vicki, now that's what I call recycling at its finest! LOVE LOVE LOVE your tree!!!!
    and yep.. I'm just like you can't pass by junk to recycle!
    Hugs Lynn

  14. Well my comment went off into cyber space so again Brenda love that gorgeous metal christmas tree - what better bling!
    My husband is now always looking out for bits of old metal and rust bits for me to use and when I get them I just love looking at them in my tarnished silver dish and that's where they often stay but Oh the fun in collecting!!!
    x Suzy

  15. Uh no you're not the only one that picks up treasures from the parking lot or roadside! I love doing that!
    Both of your ornaments turned out so sweet!

  16. Beautiful -- I love that someone else picks up odd things for craft projects :) Great inspirational project!

  17. the first tree is my fav!

    if you have a moment and haven't already, hope you'll pop over to enter my giveaway for followers:

    smiles to you.


  18. Oh I really love this tree! You are so clever.:) Kit

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