Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Master Bedroom Redo!

We recently turned our bedroom into the master retreat we deserve, and I could not be happier! Thanks to Bonetti Interiors for being such great listeners and helping making our vision come true. All photos are also courtesy of the Bonetti's. I've not done my own shoot yet!  

This sitting area is now one of my favorite spots in the house. We had really neglected our master for a number of  years. The rest of our house is filled with lots of cozy furniture, pillows and some of my vintage finds. Something more important always seemed to come along before I got around to the bedroom.  I didn't even have curtains in here until the remodel. What a difference! I wasn't ready to paint the walls but adding all this cream and white really is cozy.  I might go a dark gray when it is time to paint.

Guess who else likes it?! Both basset hounds.  Zoey was too busy hiding from the Bonetti Sisters but Shelby was happy to try out the bed.  The bench at the foot of the bed is so she can climb in at night.  The girls used a wool rug for some color and durability on the bench. I loved it.  I had mentioned how much I love the ottomans and benches I'm seeing covered in what looks like a wool rug.  Of course, I didn't like the price of these...four digits! This works for me.
 That is my mom on a pony in that cloche. Love this picture of her and included it on my side table so I can see it everyday now.  Hope you enjoyed the tour! We have a great TV wall too now with some fun shelves.  The picture did not due it justice. I'll have to post one soon though.  Hope you are having a great week.  I'm linking to:


  1. What a fabulous master bedroom. I'd never leave that room! Seriously beautiful.

  2. Your master bedroom is beautiful and Shelby approved!! Sure Zoey approved too.

  3. What a beautiful, warm and cozy room. I would never leave it! Great job.


  4. Simply gorgeous and so inviting! Thanks for stopping by ♥

  5. This is a beautiful retreat you made for yourself. The dog seems to llike it too.


  6. I consider myself officially "wowed" by this room! How wonderful - a real gift to you and your husband to have this cozy retreat. Love the deep colors. We have our bedroom painted in a vintage-y deep tone as well, a cross between brown, green, and gray - hard to describe but really nice.

    1. Mary Ann your color sounds exactly like what I'm hoping to do in there in the future. The opportunity to have some help with the redo came and honestly I didn't want to paint!

  7. How beautiful a room you have now, to both sleep and relax,- I love the colours and wonderful furnichures, so cosy Vickie,- and elegant!

  8. What a beautiful retreat bedroom. Love your Christmas tree artwork...

    Have a great week.

  9. What a gorgeous room! You'll enjoy it a lot more now that you have it the way you want! I think it's important for a bedroom to be a retreat from the rest of the house...and from the world. It's nice to visit you! Happy holidays!

  10. I love your bedroom--very well done. Your dogs are just too cute! Enjoy the season :)

  11. Such a beautiful and restful looking retreat. And Shelby seems to be right at home in it too.

  12. Oh WOW Vicki... your bedroom retreat looks SO SO gorgeous... I love the sitting area too... and the photo of your Mom sitting in the cloche... is such a beautiful idea... enjoy...

    Jenny ♥

  13. How lovely, Vicki! I am sure the dogs are loving that soft bed, too!

  14. Vicki,
    Oh how I've missed this blog! Love the tote in the first post but I had to comment on the bedroom too as we about to do our own. I have to laugh as your comments about benches and boxes. I'm the same way! I think I must have 10 or 15 stool/ottomans floating around. I love everything you do girl, what a talent.

  15. Oh my but your room looks sooo inviting. It must be a pleasure every time you walk in to it. And of course.. the pups have to give it a thumbs (paws) up!!!

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